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Drunk drivers face harsh penalties

Don't let a DUI ruin your life

Speeding tickets and more

Our legal system takes drunk driving seriously and imposes harsh penalties on those convicted. First time offenders typically face license suspension and a hefty fine and the offense remains on their record for life. Multiple offenders face jail time.


If you are facing DWI charges, they can range from misdemeanors to felony offenses depending on the degree of the crime. There are four degrees of DWI charges in the state of Minnesota. The first degree, felony DWI carries with it maximum penalty of a $14,000 fine and seven years of jail time.


Gary Gittus has represented clients in the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court numerous times since 1986. In fact, he successfully challenged the special series "W" plate - "Whiskey Plate" law which allowed law enforcement officers to stop motorists based solely on the presence of those plates regardless of who was driving the vehicle. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in his favor in State v. Henning on constitutional grounds.

Speeding tickets and other traffic violations are common. These tickets can make your insurance rates increase drastically. We can also help you fight speeding tickets and other traffic violations.


Call us as soon as you receive your ticket and we can start the process of preparing for your hearing. We understand that going to court can be intimidating and you want an attorney who is on your side.

As a former prosecutor, Gary Gittus knows the best way to defend you against DUI/DWI charges.



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